Terms and Conditions
Terms and conditions on the AlWataneya Auctions website:

The rules, texts and provisions contained in this agreement govern the relationship between all parties subject to this agreement, noting that any ambiguity in A text, a rule, or a misunderstanding that may not be interpreted except through agreements Others signed by National Auctions and any unsigned agreement patriotism is not required by the officially authorized body, whether verbally or in writing. The auctions have no legal responsibilities or obligations. It is not permissible to resort to any regulations Or other texts not stipulated by "Al-Watania Auctions" and described below.

The provisions and rules regulating the relationship between National Auctions and its clients:

1.The National Auctions website is one of the centers affiliated to a federal government institution

2. All subscribers and members must read the regulations, rules and texts. and the provisions that govern our relationship with our clients, as the clients’ registration process is considered Agreeing and acknowledging their acceptance of all the rules, texts and provisions that regulate and codify The nature of the relationship between us and our clients.

3. Each grower through our website must register his data and choose a name User and password to be able to use the services of the site.

4. All bidders must inspect the vehicles and goods to be purchased well and ensure that they conform to the specifications offered before bidding on them. The vehicles are being sold in their current condition and the increasing one bears the responsibility for that without the slightest responsibility on Al Watania Auctions.

5. The vehicle is being sold as is.

6. All bidders must deposit a security amount according to the insurance conditions described in (Article No. 23 of this Agreement), and payment is made through the card. Credit, bank transfer or check deposit with National Auctions.

7. Each bidder undertakes to complete the payment process in the event of purchasing any vehicle or commodity within the time period indicated in Paragraph No. 9 below and in the event of a violation The insurance is confiscated and legal action is taken to refrain from paying

8. The winning bidder in one of the vehicles offered for sale must pay the value of the vehicle(s) by depositing the amount due to the account of an institution. Emirates General Transport and Services, noting that the payment process must be made within 48 hours from the day of announcing the auction result, and an amount of 100 dirhams will be calculated. As a fine for each day of delay after informing the purchaser of the vehicle that was docked on him.

9. If the promoter violates or violates the terms and laws of using the site, the security deposit will be confiscated and all legal measures will be taken against him.

10. Bidders can own an unlimited number of vehicles offered in the auction, subject to the relevant provisions of the law.

11. Each member undertakes not to use the site in the following cases: -

- Lack of legal authority to bid.

- If the age is less than 21 years.

- If you are prevented from using the site, whether temporarily or permanently.

12. Each member undertakes not to give his user name to Wataniya for auctions” to any other person without prior permission. In the event that third parties use an account The subscriber undertakes to take responsibility for it.

13. Each member undertakes to:

- Adhere to the instructions received from the National Auctions.

- Not to tamper with the auction prices or perform any activity that would negatively affect the infrastructure of the site, or any actions that would prevent the users of the site from accessing it, or limiting the process of accessing it to a specific group in any way whatsoever.

- Not to publish false, incorrect or misleading information that would harm or tarnish the reputation of any of the parties. As well as not disturbing the site's visitors by sending materials that may annoy, harm or spy on any of the parties, or send any messages or fabricated materials In the words of "National Auctions".

- Not to use hacking or hacking programs or robots to enter the site without prior permission for any reason and commitment All provisions of laws related to information technology, including the decree by Federal Law No. 5 of 2012 in the matter of combating technical crimes the information.

14. "National Auctions" has the right to limit, stop or terminate any of the services provided by the site, and has the right to prevent users from entering the site or remove any materials published on it, or take electronic or legal measures to prevent users from entering the site without prior notice, if the administration finds None of the above-mentioned procedures for any reason, bearing in mind that the institution has the right to cancel inactive accounts National Auctions need to take any or inactive accounts when needed.

15. National Auctions has the right to temporarily change the fees for services provided by the site, for promotional reasons or when new services are offered.

16 . The "National Auctions" guarantees that the vehicles offered for sale in its auctions conform to the specifications contained in the inspection report, noting that it does not guarantee any aspects Others related to the displayed vehicles, whether related to the validity of their use or their commercial value, or their travel to other countries

17. The value of the insurance paid in cash is fully refundable within a maximum period of 10-14 working days from the date of the customer's request to return it (according to item No. 25).

18. The security deposit paid using the credit card is reserved and the amount is re-booked after 21 days have passed from the date of the payment process, and the account is suspended Automatically without any notification from us .. and if you want to be sure of returning the security amount, you can review your own bank account by credit card.

19. The bidding time is extended in the event that there is an auction in the last two minutes of the closing time in order to give the rest of the bidders an opportunity to submit their offers.

20. Bidding categories: We have six basic segments, and they are one category 5000-3000-1000-500-200-100

If the vehicle price ranges from 100 - 000.20 dirhams, all categories are available

If the vehicle price ranges from 000.20-000.50 dirhams, all categories are available except for the 100 dirhams category

If the vehicle price ranges from 50,000 dirhams and above, all categories are available except for two categories: 100-200 dirhams

21. When you bid on a vehicle/s, you can follow up on bidding on them from the My Bids page, and when the auction is completely finished, you can see The vehicles that are docked with you through the My Purchases page.. After approval of the sale process, text messages and emails will be sent to the My Purchases page

22. Return Policy:

The winner of one of the vehicles must pay the amounts due from him after the auction, knowing that he will not be able to recover any of the amounts he paid in the event of his failure to pay the remaining amounts on him, as the money may not be recovered in return for the purchased vehicles. If any member has comments or complaints about the service provided or the goods offered for sale, please contact us immediately at the e-mail address Next [email protected], or call 0097168006006 and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We will try to solve your problem Two working days, knowing that we deal with all complaints honestly and professionally.

23. Customer Privacy Policy:

All members' information at "National Auctions" is subject to privacy, as site users' information is collected through the names of the participating members. Only, statistics about visitors to the site are collected randomly, which preserves the privacy of their information for users

24. Preservation of ownership:

The right to use all names, trademarks, service names and marks, collectibles names, logos and images belong to the owners of the site alone